View Point Opticians Eye Examination

Eye Care


At Viewpoint Opticians we are constantly giving our customers tips and advice on how to keep their eyes clean and healthy. After all, your eye sight is very important, and any reduction in the quality of your vision would be a terrible loss.

The best thing you can do to assure the highest standards of eye care is to book yourself an appointment for a thorough eye examination with a qualified optometrist. At Viewpoint we usually recommend our customers visit us at least once a year for a full eye test to keep tabs on how their eyes are doing. This way if anything crops up or we notice some sight deterioration we can investigate it promptly, before the problem worsens. 


A popular question we often get is what you should do if you get something in your eye? The most common cause of such problems is shower gels and shampoos. The best thing to do is gently rinse out your eye with clean fresh water. If irritation still persists after an hour or two then seek proper medical advice, and if it’s causing visual disturbance then seek medical advice right away.

For more tips on eye care why not have a look at our Eye Care FAQ. It has many of the questions that we often get asked about eyes, contact lenses and general optical health.