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Eye Care FAQ

Is an Eye Test really that important and how often should I have them tested?

Yes,  you should really get your eyes tested roughly every two years. This is just to make sure that your eyes are healthy and your vision is strong and consistent. Remember your eyes need to be looked after because you only get one pair! Treat an eye test the same as your dentist - you go for a check-up every year or so, to make sure everything is as it should be. Remember if you develop a problem with your eyes, it may already be too late... Make sure you go to your check-ups.


Do I have a higher risk of getting an eye infection if I wear contact lenses regularly?

No, this is completely untrue. As long as you take the necessary precautions when putting in and removing your contact lenses there is little to no risk involved. If your using monthly contact lenses make sure you thoroughly clean them with the solution provided and only wear them for 12 hours at a time.

Why do I need more regular eye test if I'm diabetic?

You have to be careful if your are diabetic as there are some eye conditions that can develop as part of your diabetes. As a precaution we recommend any of our customers (with diabetes) to take an eye test about once a year.

Does my child need to see an Optometrist if they are getting their eyes tested at school?

Yes you child still needs an eye test. Usually school eye test are not proper 'tests' but minor checks, at Viewpoint Opticians we have technology and equipment that is exclusive to us in York. Therefore you wont find a more accurate test anywhere. Children's eyes should always be checked by a true Optometrist as any underlying issue that goes unnoticed could be potentially harmful in the future.