Orgreen Glasses


Founded in 1997, the Ørgreen is the preferred eyewear provider for the design and quality-conscious consumer anywhere in the world.

Ørgreen is famous for their inventive approach to design and innovative colour combinations, utilising over 400 different hues. Designed and developed in Denmark, each frame is handmade in Japan. Individually crafted with more than 100 processes, each frame can take up to six months to achieve its penchant for perfection.

Colour advisor Sahra Lysell is the designer behind Ørgreen's original colour combinations. Her work has succeeded in creating the groundbreaking look that has made this Danish Design company famous throughout the world.

Sahra has created Ørgreen's unique Electro range a set of colours that shimmer in ambient light and changes with the amount of sunlight falling on the glasses by shifting, for example, from bonze to green. Ørgreen currently holds the patent on this colour technology and is the only company in the world that uses this technique.

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Ørgreen Glasses