Bellinger Glasses


Blac frames are produced by Bellinger, a Danish company that started in 2003. Their collection of high quality, hand-made glasses were an instant hit and this made Bellinger one of the largest producers of high quality frames the world over.

The company have publicly stated that they are NOT Opticians but that they are Stylists. They create glasses for pure aesthetic and design purposes so that you can look your best in your very own Blac frame.

The Danish company created the world’s first adjustable carbon fibre frame and has the patent to prove it. The glasses are made from carbon fibre and fibreglass and are reinforced with titanium, creating a strong yet lightweight frame. Carbon fibre and fibreglass are used in products where lightness and strength are essential, including Formula 1 racecars, surfboards and airplanes.

All frames are custom made for each individual customer with hinges, screws and end tips tailored specifically for Blac. The frames are also hypo-allergenic, which is great for people with sensitive skin.

Here at Viewpoint we are lucky enough to be one of only six optician in the UK to stock the collection of Blac glasses. Remember we can tailor your glasses to suit you. We can take any pair of glasses and add your prescription lenses to the frames.

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