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Cartier Glasses


Cartier was founded in 1847 in Paris and was one of the first companies to start producing the wrist watch. Watches and jewellery we’re their main forte in the early days, however Cartier are now one of the most prestigious companies for fashion and design in the world. Their catalogue of products consists of lighters to glasses, women and men’s bags jewellery and watches to name but a few.

At Viewpoint Opticians we are proud to be on of very few stockists that hold Cartier Glasses. As their products holds such value and heritage only selected retailers (by Cartier) can rightfully sell their merchandise – Viewpoint Opticians in York are one of those retailers…

Cartier Glasses cater for both men and women as standard glasses, prescription glasses and sunglasses. Cartier’s designs vary quite a lot from some simple frames to much more elaborate and colourful designs, more notably on the women’s glasses. They are very unique in the way they are built and each model is hand tailored and finished with the official Cartier seal.

If you’re interested in trying a pair of Cartier Glasses at our store you can always pop in to our Opticians in York where we have numerous Cartier Frames on display. If we don’t have a specific pair of Cartier Glasses you’re looking for we are happy order different pairs in for you to try. 

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Cartier Glasses