Lindberg Glasses


A Lindberg frame is a genuine design gem, stylistically consistent with its minimalist Scandinavian design.

Lindberg is a Danish design company and its high-fashion eyewear designs are characterised by their unique functionality and comfort. Lindberg’s primary goal is to make life lighter and more beautiful for spectacle wearers worldwide.

Each Lindberg frame can be customised to the individual wearer’s wishes and needs; they are among the lightest frames in the world, while also being incredibly flexible and strong. The lightness is reflected in the design in which everything is superfluous such as screws, rivets and welds have been eliminated. Weighing a little as 1.9 grams, Lindberg frames still remain strong due to titanium strength, meaning they can withstand years of use. 

Lindberg has been awarded a large number of the most prestigious design prizes in the world for the sophisticated details and the innovative design of these very special spectacles.

The Lindberg Precious range offers luxurious spectacles, made from gold, white gold, platinum, jewellery-mounted diamonds and buffalo horn. Each Lindberg Precious frame is handcrafted for the individual and can be tailored to suit their style and taste, using precious materials such as diamonds and platinum. Unlike many other frames, Lindberg Precious glasses can be made in different sizes, meaning the frame can be adapted for the perfect fit.

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Lindberg Glasses