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Maui Jim is an American brand that originated in Lahaina, Hawaii in the 1980s. Their signature style of glasses is a typical 80s summer holiday look. They started out very small, with a number of individuals selling home-made sunglasses to tourists on the Hawaiian beaches through the 1980s. As they gradually became more and more popular they were able to take the trip over the pacific to California where they instantly became a huge hit.

Now in 2012 they have a large repertoire of different sunglasses with hundreds of different shapes and styles from their original 80s look to aviators and beyond.

Maui Jim sunglasses feature polarised lenses and they also have hi-friction rubber pads to prevent the frame slipping on the face. Various Maui Jim frames also have a bi-gradient mirror front coating at the top and bottom of each lens to reflect light from above and below. Each lens has a hydrophobic, oleophobic and scratch resistant coating to aid better transmission of light once it passed through the front surface of the lens, meaning more comfortable reflection free vision for the wearer.

At Viewpoint Maui Jim is just another one of our fantastic range of designer sunglasses available. Maui Jim doesn’t actually produce normal glasses - they are only made as sunglasses although most of their sunglasses are available as bifocals or prescription sunglasses.

Maui Jim isn’t hugely popular brand here in the UK but at Viewpoint we are helping get their name on the map. Come in and try a pair today at Viewpoint Opticians in York.


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Maui Jim