Oliver People Glasses

Oliver Peoples

Oliver Peoples was first established in California 1986 by brothers Larry and Dennis Leight. They first began selling vintage frames, glasses and sunglasses by other brands such as Paul Smith, Mosley Tribes and Maui Jim. Once they had plenty of experience in the optical market they decided to launch their own brand under the name ‘Oliver Peoples’. By the late 80’s Oliver Peoples had a shop on legendary Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California.

Today Oliver Peoples Frames have a true eclectic range of glasses to choose from. Their styles vary from the classic aviator to styles from the 1920’s, 60’s and 70’s. Unique in style – you are unlikely to find a similar brand match, they have modelled some truly iconic glasses which breaks the mould of any styles you might find.

At Viewpoint we have an array of glasses to choose from including many designs from Oliver Peoples. If you know exactly which pair of Oliver Peoples glasses you want you can always pop into our Opticians in York or alternatively give us a call with the model and we can check our stock levels for you.

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Oliver Peoples Glasses