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Tom Davies

British spectacle designer Tom Davies brings the luxury of bespoke to spectacle frames. Handmade for each wearer, the Tom Davies experience provides a perfectly fitted pair of bespoke glasses. Growing numbers of specs wearers are turning to bespoke made eyewear to offer the ultimate in comfort whilst at the same time flattering their face shape perfectly.

Having a frame designed and made for you is like ordering a bespoke suit. Your sunglasses or spectacles will fit perfectly, in exactly the colours and materials you choose and designed specifically around your natural features.

Tom Davies Bespoke frames satisfy everyone; spectacle wearers who want a perfect fit, individuals who are looking for style and colour and those who have a clear idea of what they want. You choose your preferred frame and we take a sophisticated series of measurements and photos. You then choose your preferred colours, shapes and materials.

Tom Davies Bespoke customers can choose from a wide range of materials from high tech titanium, a range of acetates, polished wood and even the luxurious and lightweight but ethically sourced buffalo horn. Each material is available in a range of shades and finishes and over 30 colours to choose from.

One you have made your choices, Tom will then provide a portfolio of three designs which give a realistic idea of what the frames would look like on your face. Once the option is chosen, the frame is then hand made using a combination of traditional techniques and modern machinery. The finishing touch is your name laser engraved discreetly on the inside of one of the arms.

Come in to Viewpoint to discuss your requirements and learn more about the endless possibilities of Tom Davies Bespoke frames. 

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Tom Davies Glasses